Our goal is

To change lives for the better. 

Hi there! My name is Regina and I’m the founder of this blog. I hope it’ll help people to find themselves, find their way and stay true to their hearts and souls on their paths. Some friends help me to pursue the goal of incredible peace for everyone. If you want to help me as well, email me at rehinavozniuk(at)gmail.com.

What brings you here…

People always strive for knowledge – that’s a part of our nature and curiosity is our main tool to live an interesting life. Although we may read a lot about the world, we may still know almost nothing about ourselves. The tiny bit we know is our daily routine and behavior.

But by improving our self-esteem, by deepening our knowledge of simple and at the same time complicated mechanisms of emotions, we can improve our life ten times better than before!

Thank you for visiting SoulWhale and have a joyful day!

Mindfulness comes with patience 

Let the new page of your story begin!